I was looking to get a fishing lure subscription as a gift for the holidays and i stumbled across a website called Lucky Tackle Box. I looked on their website and they said thousands of people get their boxes each month.

At first I thought that was strange because my family fishes a lot and I never heard of them. I started to look online and i could not find a SINGLE shred of evidence that anyone has ever received a box from them. Nothing on twitter, facebook, any blogs, forums. Nothing.

After googeling them I literally found almost no information about this company outside of their website. So I decided to live chat with Lucky Tackle Box to get more information. The lady on the chat, Brittany, told me they they had been around since January 2013. I asked her if they could show me some of the boxes they had sent to their subscribers and she said they could not share that.

Kind of strange since most companies WANT to share that information. I asked if she had any testimonials or reviews, and she said they didn't get any yet. A company that's been around for almost a year and does not have a single customer testimonial or review?!?!?! I asked about the thousands of boxes they "shipped" and why I could not find a single picture or mention on social media and she changed the subject.

I had a bad taste in my mouth so I left it at that. After the chat ended I decided to do a little more searching and I looked up their website on the domain WHOIS and I saw that their website was just registered in May 2013. How is that possible if she said they were around since January?!?!?

I knew something shady was going on and after doing some more research I found out that this company never really existed and they appeared to be lying about their age. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #1255377

You are an ***, and if you can't find thousands of people in a single day of searching who receive LTB each and every month, then you're either *** or lazy.


Mystery Tackle Box wrote this... it was on their website for weeks before they took it down.


We've received their boxes for nearly a year and have no complaints.


I have got my first box in the mail today it is legit and they are on Facebook and YouTube


This has Mystery Tackle Box written all over it. Pathetic.


Its pretty simple. Choose to pay 15 dollars for random tackle.

If its not your bag, don't order. I have been doing this for close to a year now and have had no issues.

The one shipping issue I had was resolved super quickly by shipping another. Not a scam and I do agree the website could use some work, but I have added some awesome tackle to my arsenal I would typically not buy on my own.

Two thumbs up from me.

Long Beach, California, United States #950394

ummmm most of u must work for them because like the guy says below ive called a million times and email to no reply at all . Also who the *** runs a website with just sign in to cancel anything but theres no place to log in its in black and white its a bunch of bs ir the worst customer service in the world

Terrell, Texas, United States #934375

Dumb auto correct have not gotten any replys

Terrell, Texas, United States #934373

I signed up 10 days ago and have not received my box and have payed already and have called the phone number serval tomes and all I get is an answering machine telling me to leave aessage and a customer service rep will get back with me and emailed them and have gotten my reply what gives has anyone else had this problem?

to Youratard01 #943361

they ship every month on the 10th. doesn't matter when you order.

to Youratard01 #985662

What is the phone number I can't get them to stop my account they just keep charging me

Naperville, Illinois, United States #931978

Father in law has been receiving boxes for a year. This must be a competitor posting here


In regards to the gentleman that has said he could not find anything on lucky tacklebox you are giving false information I am a fish hound and lucky tacklebox customer and have never had any problems with them both matter a fact I just spoke to the company two days ago get your facts straight before hand fyi fish hound owns the whole deal lucky tacklebox is a branch

Dallas, Texas, United States #903694

He is a competitor, I saw this EXACT SAME post on their blog page a few months back before they took it down. If you are going to be the company that posts this stuff on your blog, at least have the wherewithal to change up the defamatory message when you are trying to post as an anonymous consumer

Texas, United States #862689

This guy is just a ***!!!

New York, United States #861431

Is this a joke? They have a last month's box page on their website!!!

"I asked about the thousands of boxes they "shipped" and why I could not find a single picture or mention on social media and she changed the subject."

Reply: Goto LTB's facebook or instagram page with tons of people showing off their boxes!

This is obviously a competitor who has to resort to mudslinging.

I have tried all of the boxes and LTB is the best followed by TackleGrab as a close second. I am not going to lie though, those MTB commercials are funny as ***

Arkansas, United States #859207

I have subscribed to Lucky Tackle Box for month's. This seems to be coming from a competitor of theirs or something.

I don't really care about the day their were bought out or whatever, seems a little silly. I get my boxes and they're awesome so this just sounds like sour grapes


LTB is definitely real and also I read everything i got in this months box cause I was curious seems that LTB is linked to Fishhound.com so there is no way it is a scam and the few boxes I have gotten good stuff haven't had the chance to try everything though.


Lucky Tackle Box is for real. Been a customer for 5 months.

Their customer service has been top notch.

LTB is much better than Mystery Tackle Box so I switched. OP is inaccurate.

to Jeff #815040

"OP is inaccurate." Did you even read the OP's review? S/he's arguing the fact that LTB lied about the # of customers they had, which is false advertisement, that's all. LTB is for real NOW, but prior to 2013 they didn't even exist, so they couldn't have the # of customers they said they had.

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